Under Construction

Welcome to the new look.. well its not ready yet, but its up and running. I have always believed that hobbies deserve your time. And if you have your blog its only fair that they deserve some space too. Photography is a hobby that I have just begun to take up seriously. And, I am sure the amateur effort will show in most of the pictures that I have put up. I only hope that as my investment ( time as well as the monies I keep investing for accessories .. shhh.) in my new found passion increases, so will the quality of the captures.

Also. I believe this is most appropriate as this is the way I divide my time. While content driven blog posts may reduce slightly, these will be always updated or backed by regular updates on the photos I click.

Hope you like what I put up, and continue to support the site in viewership as you always have. I also like the heading of this post… Under Construction. To improve, I believe that is something we should see ourselves as.. Under Construction. Never Complete. Never Perfect.

P.S.: Furiously working as I am. I shall be completing the site over the next 5 days.



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