Searching for the perfect mobile

FYI: the draft for this post has been saved since July 2011. almost a year and 3 mobiles later, it still holds true.

Have had  my share of mobiles. More than most in this country. From Panasonic to Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry and Samsung again. There was a Motorola thrown in for a short while too. Multiple models of most of these. Black /white screens, colour, keyboard before the word qwerty even came into the picture, touch screen, java, android… used them all.  IOS admittedly is a glaring miss here thus far.

The way I choose phones has also changed. First it was all about size and form factor. Then came the advent of colour phones. Touch phones were a rage, multimedia and email came in as USP’s. Finally functionality and apps… And while mobile phone marketers have done a brilliant job in marketing their wares, performances have fallen way below expectations.

Claims of the greatest phones ever have been overly exaggerated time and again. How do brands manage to this every single time? I had rooted my Samsung Android to make it run faster, and had to reset my BB twice in a space of 1 day. Why are these phones underperforming?

True that most mobiles today have the capacity to do everything , but just like in cricket potential doesn’t necessarily result in performance.  And the reason is incompatibility in the mobile hardware and software. A situation that is an exact replica of the bygone PC era when Windows kept coming out with newer OS’s versions and one had to keep upgrading your hardware so that the new software ran well. Problem is in a  mobile you cannot upgrade your hardware.. so as soon as an Android  releases its next dessert, ( pun intended), your phone goes for a toss. Happened with the Galaxy and well the BB just didnt work.

The other disease is the customization or rather the bastardization of Andriod OS by companies. In the endeavor to make the system their own, not only do they make the resulting interface buggy and heavy, the release dates of the newer OS release are always a good few months after the official release by Google. The customization also means that it is available for a few markets only.

So, while you have a plethora of multiple Android OS’s running on various customizations by diff brands on non standard hardware and therefore almost always under performing. Blackberry is another monster already. The transition to being a cool youth phone has fooled no one but in India ( including yours truly), only to find out that I will never ever lay my hands on a Blackberry ever. Yup. That bad.

So, finally you come to the big bad bully.. Apple. The one who says do as I say or take a hike. The ipad as I have found out works and primarily because of the superb integration in the hardware and software in the product. The updates are instantaneous across models and are eagerly awaited so much so that even the iphone 2 and the ipad1 run smoothly on the latest OS.

Several crashes, formats, and jail breaks later, the perfect phone is one that does its job without crashing.  Smooth simultaneous usage   of Email, Facebook, Twitter, Browsing, Games and umm.. of course calling is all that I ask in a mobile. Unfortunately as i am led to believe I ask too much.

So, as I get used to NOT getting emails, check Facebook, post twitter updates or play games on my archaic replacement Samsung mobile, I have rolled the final dice… the iphone4s cometh soon. The perfect phone? we will know soon.

Till my next rant !


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  1. Pigtailedpundit
    on May 16th at 2:52 pm

    Its funny that the marketing works but the phones do not.
    From experience, 4s hangs quite a bit as well especially if your phone is loaded with apps and if you run a few of them all together.
    The search for the perfect phone continues….

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