Well connected …. Votes are out

Folks, on the las line of this post you will find the winner of the mp3 player you had answered for… But wouldn’t it great to know who is the most well connected. So here it is folks- there will be not 1 but2 announcements in this post.

4,932 friends, 124 different locations across the globe, and a Network Score of 476133. WOOT !This is how well connected Portuguese national, Hugo Pereira, who has now been declared as the world’s Most Well Connected Person. Hugo beat more than 250,000 Your World users worldwide to claim the title of the world’s most globally connected person. By comparison, the average person in India has a Network Score of 1124 with 102 friends in 11 different locations.
Hugo attributes his feat to years of networking in his role as global president of charity AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led organisation, which has 60,000 active members in more than 1,800 universities in 110 countries and territories.
To celebrate Mr Pereira’s status, Western Union will invite him to use his impressive global network as a force for good next month. He will be given the opportunity to invite his Facebook Friends to participate in Western Union’s launch of a major new initiative.
Commenting on his win, Hugo said:
“I’m astounded to be named the world’s most networked person. The reach of my social network is testament to the work of AIESEC, which is all about creating positive global connections. “We aim to help societies understand each other by providing students with the opportunity to collaborate in global teams and live and work abroad. He continued: “I’m excited to be able to work with Western Union next month to use my global network to support good causes. I’m moving on from AIESEC to work for a healthcare charity in India called ICHHA, so hope to be able to make even more global connections in the meantime.”
Western Union President and CEO, Hikmet Ersek, said:
“As someone who already uses his global network for good, Mr Pereira is very deserving of his new title. As a globally connected brand it certainly seems fitting that Western Union teams up with the world’s most globally networked person to lend our support to good causes, together.”

Phew… So now that you have read all of this and reached this far, it’s only fair I declare the winner.
Please be assured that the name was drawn from a lot that was removed by a family member.
So… To the sounds of drums rolling the winner is…. Ms. Shraddha Kukreja.
Congratulations Shraddha. You are requested to send me your details on nishankjoshi@gmail.com and we shall be in touch shortly regarding your prize.

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