About Me & My Site


I am your regular average Indian … You know the one who has an opinion on everything – Cricket, Sachin, Movies, Cricket, umm … Sachin. Well  Told ya. Regular average Indian. The one who knows every strategy in cricket. The one who knows just how much the film should have been shortened by to make it a Blockbuster. You know just like every other regular average Indian.

There are 2 more things I am passionate about Technology (Everybody  in the US would qualify that as a trait of a regular average Indian)  and a new one that consumes me now – Road trips and Photography. There’s advertising too – But that’s my job, so it doesn’t count.

So this is what this site is gonna be about – opinions, raves, rants on all of these –  Dipped in oodles of Sarcasm n Irreverence and hundreds of photos and videos!

Join the ride 🙂

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